Better Work Vietnam: Thematic Synthesis Report – Fire Safety

16 Oct 2013

Better Work Vietnam

This first thematic report for Better Work Vietnam focuses on fire safety issues and includes factories assessed at least three times, in order to highlight the changes and trends that have taken place over three yearly cycles of participation with the programme. As of August 2013, Better Work Vietnam has visited 73 factories at least three times, and these are the factories covered in this report.

Some key findings include:

♦ An encouraging downward trend in non-compliance for most areas by third visit.

♦ Biggest improvement is in factories performing a general OSH assessment (from 63% non-compliance down to 7%)

Two areas that have seen significant improvement, but still have relatively high levels of non-compliance include:

♦ Inaccessible exits (41%, but down from 70% on first visit)

♦ Chemical storage (34%, but down from 86% on first visit)

Other areas that have persistent non-compliance over 20% include:

♦ Maintenance of electrical wires, etc. (22%)

♦ Adequate fire-fighting equipment (22%)

♦ Clearly marked emergency exits (21%)

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