Better Work Jordan phase IV strategy (2022 – 2027)

7 Jul 2022

The Better Work Jordan programme strives for an export-oriented Jordanian garment industry that lifts people out of poverty by providing decent work, empowering women, and driving business competitiveness and inclusive economic growth. In its fourteen years of operations, the programme has made important strides in improving working conditions and industrial relations in Jordan’s manufacturing sector, with a focus on the garment industry. Over this period, the total value of Jordanian garment exports has doubled and the number of jobs created in the sector has increased significantly despite the challenging operating environment in the region.

As Better Work Jordan enters its fourth phase, the programme aims to consolidate and expand on its achievements while simultaneously equipping the tripartite constituents in Jordan to take a leading role in maintaining and advancing these achievements. Using this approach, Better Work Jordan aspires to ensure that the programme’s impact on working conditions in the garment industry is sustainable.


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