Better Work Indonesia Annual Report 2018: An Industry and Compliance Review

14 Dec 2018

Better Work Indonesia (BWI) annual report 2018 draws on findings of assessments conducted between January 2017 and January 2018 in 172 factories. BWI chose to focus on fewer issues and providing more in-depth analysis in order to draw attention to common reasons for non-compliance, and to demonstrate how BWI is using its findings to inform future initiatives, in particular with national stakeholders. It focuses on the 20 issues with the highest non-compliance rates (i.e. above 40 percent). For each of these sections the report documents reasons for non-compliance, as well as highlights BWI efforts, notably those that go beyond core services, to reduce rates of non-compliance.

As in previous Annual Reports, the Executive Summary also includes a broad summary of non-compliance rates at the Compliance Point level. Also, comprehensive data tables are available for all non-compliance questions in the annex to serve as a reference.

Click here to download the report in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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