Better Work Haiti: 7th Biannual Compliance Synthesis Report

16 Oct 2013

Better Work Haiti released its seventh synthesis report in the framework of the HOPE II legislation. This report provides an overview of the working conditions of 23 factories during the period May–August 2013. Twenty-one of these factories were included in the sixth synthesis report published in April 2013. All factories were assessed more than once by Better Work Haiti.

♦ The first section of this report gives an overview of the HOPE II legislation and the origin of the Better Work programme in Haiti. This section also includes an explanation of the Better Work methodology, including the reports produced in the framework of the Better Work programme and the HOPE II legislation.

♦ The second section of the report outlines the compliance assessment findings from the seventh round of factory assessments, conducted between May and August 2013. This section includes an analysis of compliance effort since the previous synthesis report, as well as changes in compliance with international labour standards and with national labour law since October 2010.

♦ The third section of the report describes Better Work Haiti advisory and training services in the period from March 2013 to August 2013.

♦ The fourth section of the report outlines the priorities of the Better Work Haiti programme in the upcoming months. Finally, the last section of the report describes the efforts made by the factories to correct the compliance needs identified in the Better Work Haiti compliance assessments. As required by the HOPE II legislation, information provided for each of the participating factories includes: compliance needs for each compliance cluster and each compliance point; details of noncompliance; improvement priorities; efforts made by the factory to remedy the compliance needs as verified in the seventh assessment visit; and with respect to non-compliance areas that have not been remediated, the amount of time that has elapsed since the non-compliance was first reported publicly.

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