Better Work Haiti: 13th Biannual Synthesis Report

14 Oct 2016

Better Work Haiti

Better Work Haiti targets the apparel industry in Haiti, especially in the capital Port-au-Prince and in the north-east region of the country. In 2015, total export revenues from the textile and garment industry accounted for approximately 90% of national export earnings and 10% of national GDP. The apparel industry is also among the largest employers within Haiti, creating jobs for approximately 40,000 people. Most workers (about 65-70%) are women who support a number of family members.
The program assists participating factories by conducting independent compliance assessments and providing advisory services and trainings.

This report presents the results of assessments, advisory and training services provided to 26 factories in the period between September 2015 and August 2016. As part of its mandate to share information with all stakeholders in the program and encourage continuous improvement, Better Work Haiti produces twice yearly synthesis reports containing information on the performance of all participating factories in the period.

Compliance synthesis reports for each of its country programmes, presenting analysis of non-compliance at the aggregate level. The goal of these reports is to provide transparent information for all programme stakeholders regarding working conditions in the factories participating in the programme.

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