Better Work Haiti: 11th Biannual Compliance Synthesis Report

16 Oct 2015

This is the eleventh country synthesis report to be produced by Better Work Haiti under the reporting requirements of the US’ Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement (HOPE) II Legislation.

Overall, Better Work observes an increased level of engagement of all actors in the sector to contribute to improvements in the competitiveness of the Haitian garment sector. The HOPE II/HELP legislation and its recently approved extension until 2025.
Industrial relations are strengthening as a result of an increase in union representativeness where about 70% of apparel factories exporting to the country now have a union presence. Additionally, national stakeholders continue to play a key role to support more mature industrial relations in Haiti’s garment sector.
This report presents also the major findings regarding significant compliance changes related to worker Protection, compensation, working time, welfare facilities, Social Security and Other Benefits, etc…

Download the report to know more.

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