Better Work Haiti: 10th Biannual Synthesis Report

16 Apr 2015

Better Work Haiti

This is the tenth report to be produced by Better Work Haiti in the framework of the HOPE II legislation. This synthesis report provides an overview of the working conditions of 26 factories which were assessed during the period September 2014 – February 2015. Twenty-four of these factories were included in the ninth synthesis report published in October 2014. One factory,  Fox River Caribe Inc, had been assessed in previous cycles, was out of operations for two Better Work cycles (mid 2013 to mid 2014) and had now resumed operations and was therefore assessed again in this cycle. One factory, Val d’Or Haiti Apparel, has registered in late 2014 and was assessed for the first time in this cycle. Two more newly registered factories, Seed Apparel S.A. and The Little Haitian Factory S.A. have not yet been assessed by Better Work, and Gladiator Textiles LLC has temporarily suspended operations since late 2014 and hence no assessment could be conducted.

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