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Audio resources for Better Work Haiti

22 Oct 2018

These audio messages, in Creole,  cover essential labour relations issues.  In them, you will meet

  • A MAST Inspector (Inspector Antoine),
  • A director of Human Resources.
  • A factory manager  (Madame Jakline),
  • a line supervisor (Occilien Supervisor),
  • two (2) workers of both sexes (Cécile and Ronald).

For more information about the recordings’ creation and purpose, see Haiti’s labour laws in audio to support learning and understanding of rights and responsibilities in the workplace

The recordings cover many important topics.   Please click the relevant links to download.

  1. Importance of ONA Insurance
  2. Work Accident, the role of OFATMA
  3. Importance of OFATMA Insurance
  4. Maternity Insurance OFATMA
  5. Protection of pregnant women, the role of OFATMA
  6. Leave – Bonus
  7. Human Resources, Disciplinary Measures
  8. Complaints Handling Mechanisms
  9. Role of the MAST Inspectors
  10. Payroll
  11. Freedom of association
  12. Social dialogue
  13. Sexual Harassment Prevention
  14. Rights and responsibilities of workers
  15. Rights and Responsibilities of Employers
  16. Security and Health at Work
  17. Importance Labor Inspection and Role of Labor Inspectors
  18. Forced Labor

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