Buyer Participants

Buyer Participants are global retailers that subscribe to Better Work factory reports in one or more country programme.

What does a Buyer Participant get from Better Work?

Access to Better Work Assessment and Progress Reports

Participants can access assessment and progress reports from all country programmes directly from the Better Work online Portal. All assessments are conducted against equivalent national laws and the same international standards with guidance on interpretation from the relevant national Ministries and the ILO. The approach and quality of Assessments and Advisory service are the same across all countries.

Access to a meeting place within the sector

Participants are invited to “open sessions” of Buyers’ Forums that are organized annually in each country programme as well as two global meetings. The “open sessions” provide Participants with an opportunity to engage with other buyers, and learn more about the programme.

To stay informed

Participants can stay informed of developments in the Better Work programme and national and/or industry issues and trends through regular public Better Work newsletters.

What does it cost to be a Better Work Participant?

Pricing for Participants follows a sliding scale that is based on the number of assessment reports that the company wants access to. The price/value ratio of Better Work assessments and remediation services remains significantly higher than that of commercial auditors.

Fees for Participants (USD) per factory, per year
Above 60 factories $ 1000
41-60 factories $ 1100
21-40 factories $ 1200
10-20 factories $ 1300
Fewer than 10 factories $ 1400

How do I become a Participant and access to factory reports?

To access factory reports please contact [email protected]
For more information on buyers engagement with Better Work please contact Roopa Nair ([email protected]) or Juliet Edington ([email protected]).