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About the programme

  • The HOPE and HELP legislative acts passed by US Congress in the last decade, which enable the Haitian textile and garment industry to benefit from customs exemptions, have led to American buyers sourcing from Haiti, increasing production and creating jobs.
  • The Better Work Haiti programme was launched in 2009 and covers all garment factories in Haiti exporting to the US market.
  • Since the inception of Better Work Haiti, total apparel exports from Haiti to the United States, have increased substantially. In 2009, Haiti exported US $514 million worth of apparel to the United States. By 2012, this value had increased to US $731 million, representing an increase of over 40% in the value of apparel exports. Through September 2013, apparel exports from Haiti to the United States were over 10% higher for the year than recorded during the same time period in 2012.
  • In 2013, total export revenues from the textile and garment industry accounted for 91% of national export earnings and 10% of national GDP.
  • The apparel industry is also among the largest employers within Haiti, creating jobs for over 30,000 people.
  • Most workers (65%) are women who support a number of family members. More than 75% of workers report being a member of at least one loan circle.
  • Better Work has contributed to a 50% improvement in Occupational Safety and Health across the factories in Haiti. This includes employers having more than doubled efforts to improve chemical safety, 95% of factories implementing proper policies and all factories having Occupational Safety and Health committees.
  • Better Work has also helped to oversee improvements so 91% of factories now have contracts in line with the law.
  • Following a course on International Labour Standards, the ILO, through Better Work Haiti helped employer and union representatives to develop systems and skills on social dialogue in the garment sector.


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