In Indonesia, Lessons on Safety at Work and at Home

As part of its month-long focus on fire safety, on 18 April, Better Work Indonesia held a fire prevention training in KBN, a factory complex in North Jakarta. From labour laws to equipment and prevention techniques, participants broadened their knowledge on what they need to do to contribute to safer workplaces.

“I’m going to analyze the lessons learned from today when I get back to the factory,” said Warlim Wibawa from PT CSITE TEXPIA. “I think as a whole, we need to assess everything.”

Lena Kurniawaiti, a government fire prevention expert, takes questions from participants during BWI training in Jakarta.

Such need for direct action was echoed by officials from the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration. Lena Kurniawati said human error and oversight contribute greatly to unsafe workplaces and that training and adopting lessons learned are vital to improving conditions.

“Factories can prevent fires by identifying hazards; controlling the potential danger; for example, if something is highly flammable, don’t put it close to heat; maintain procedures, like checking machines and equipment often as they may no longer be in good condition;  and train personnel,” she said.


At the workers’ kampong, a day of fun and learning.

At a second event, celebrating World Day for Safety and Health at Work  on 28 April, Better Work Indonesia hosted workers and their families in the KBN Cakung area to raise awareness on the importance of fire safety, both in the workplace as well as in their private homes.

150 workers attended the event with their families, taking part in games and quizzes focused on fire prevention.

Mr. Abdul Azis, the Neighborhood’s Chief, said, “This event is very important because workers and their families live in a very tightly populated area. Fire threats often occur in this area. Through this event, the neighborhood is continuously reminded on the importance of safety and health.”






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