About Us

Sixty million workers across the developing world rely on the garment industry for employment. While factories are a valuable source of jobs and can help improve livelihoods of workers and their families, poor working conditions remain a pressing issue across the global garment industry.


Creating partnerships throughout the global garment industry to help workers and businesses.

The world’s clothes are produced in conditions that are often substandard, where workers may not have a good understanding of their rights nor the skills to effectively realize them. Our work aims to change this and prove that good working conditions are a more profitable business model benefiting all.

Specializing in lasting improvements rather than quick fixes, we help to set up structures boosting worker-management relations so that workers play a role in improving their workplace conditions.

Our work has reached more than one million workers and millions more of their family members.

Focus on Women


Women represent an overwhelming majority of today’s garment factory workers. We put a focus on women at the heart of our activities by finding and showcasing evidence that improving women’s workplaces and their lives makes real business sense.

We believe that empowering women with the knowledge and tools to realize their own sense of agency and access their untapped potential through decent jobs results in better social, economic, health and education outcomes for them, and for their communities.



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