Virtual industry seminar on emergency preparedness & accident investigation

Mode: Virtual

Target participants: General management, PC and Safety committee members

Objectives: After completing this seminar participants will:

  1. gain a broad understanding of “emergency preparedness”;
  2. share their companies’ emergency procedure, as well as corresponding real-life experiences;
  3. check their knowledge of the legal requirements related to emergency preparedness;
  4. realize that it is not enough to have the emergency procedure on paper; more is needed to prevent negative consequences;
  5. have a broad understanding of the relevance of accident investigation;(vi) gain an understanding of relevant themes and frameworks for designing accident investigation procedures
  6. be equipped with skills to effectively conduct accident investigation at the workplace
  7. develop a factory specific action plan for effective accident investigation procedures.


Event date :
Jan 26, 2023
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
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