Training on Compensation and Benefits (Advanced)

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Compensation and Benefits (Advanced)

Building on the introductory Compensation and Benefits (C&Bs) course, this advanced course offers participants an insightful knowledge of the C&Bs system at factories. While the introductory course mainly provides the legal knowledge of the C&Bs system, this course gives case studies of major challenges in the factory C&Bs and the guidance for participants to resolve those challenges.

By end of the course, participants are expected to know how to process daily and monthly payroll as well as to resolve chronic shortcomings in the C&Bs system at their factories.

Target Participants are human resource managers and teams, management and factory level union representatives, PICC members.

Duration 1 day

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Event date :
Nov 9, 2018
8:30 am - 16:30 pm
FactoriesVietnamVietnam Training

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