Emergency Preparedness and Accident Investigation – Industry seminar on

After the Industry Seminar participants will:

Emergency Preparedness session

Better understand the concept of  “emergency preparedness”;
Know the main parts of an emergency procedure and be able to formulate one;
Exchange factory emergency procedure, as well as corresponding real life experiences;
Know the legal requirements related to “emergency preparedness”;
Realize that it is not enough to have the emergency procedure on paper, as more is needed to prevent the accident.

Accident Investigation session

Have a broad understanding of the relevance of accident investigation;
Develop an understanding of relevant themes and frameworks for designing accident investigation procedures;
Be equipped with skills to effectively conduct accident investigations at the workplace;
Develop factory specific action plans to unfold an effective procedure for accident investigations.
Target:  OSH/compliance/general management • PICC/OSH committee members

Event date :
Dec 21, 2017
9:00 am - 15:00 pm
FactoriesJordan Training

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