Industry Seminar Boiler Safety System


Boilers are very useful machines used for various operations in garment and shoe factories (e.g. for warming up the water of washing machines, for producing steam for the ironing section). On the other hand, several accidents in the industry in recent years have illustrated that these machines can also pose a high risk if they are not managed properly:
Boiler explosions in various countries have caused the death of several workers and injured many others.

BW has developed this seminar to raise the awareness of the industry about the high risk and to promote policy dialogue in this area. Participants will

♦ Review the main causes of boiler explosions.
♦ Exchange experience on the various dimensions of the proper management of boilers (e.g. in terms of assignment of responsibility, training, maintenance, inspections, etc.).
♦Discuss additional policy interventions needed in this area to ensure safety as well as advantages and inconvenient of a system of boiler license.


This industry seminar has objectives both at the factory level and at the policy level. The objectives are for participants to:

♦ Know the risks related to boiler operation (incl. deaths and injuries)
♦ Check their knowledge of the functioning of boilers as well as of the main causes of boiler explosions
♦ Be motivated to take actions to manage the boiler properly
♦ Exchange on their company practices (e.g. maintenance)
♦ Dialogue on public policy interventions to be adopted to ensure boiler safety
♦ Agree on next steps



Factory Managers, OSH specialists, workers working with boilers

Event date :
Aug 23, 2019
8:30 am - 16:30 pm
FactoriesHaiti Training

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