Ala'a Al-Saifi

Ala'a Al-Saifi

Responsable de programas y operaciones

El Cairo, Egipto

Ala’a Al-Saifi joined Better Work Egypt in 2021 as its Programme and Operations Officer. In his most recent stint for the programme, Ala’a worked as a Technical Officer for Better Work Ethiopia, leading factory operations from the ground. He has been part of the Better Work Jordan team for almost a decade, overseeing  factory level work in the country.

Ala’a has also supported the Better Work global team on building the capacity of country programmes in Bangladesh and Egypt over the years. Ala’a joined Better Work after more than a decade working in the garment industry. He is an engineer and holds a diploma in Chinese Language from the Beijing Language and Culture University and a master’s degree in International Human Resources Management from Italy’s Rome Business School.

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