Policies and Protocols

This section of the website provides information on the following Better Work Policies and Protocols:

Press Release Icon   Zero Tolerance Protocol 

Outlines the response by Better Work staff where a Zero Tolerance issue is identified in a Better Work factory.

This protocol focuses on a) the core conventions and b) issues that are consistently treated as Zero Tolerance by the majority of buyers (it does not aim to cover all issues that every buyer considers Zero Tolerance). This protocol is negotiated with national stakeholders in country programmes and explicitly designed to promote involvement and ownership of labour inspectorates. It details how information is shared with the government and other stakeholders including business.

Press Release Icon   Strike Protocol   (coming soon)   

Outlines the response of Better Work staff in the case of a strike at a Better Work factory.

This protocol responds to questions about the roles and responsibilities of Better Work staff in case of a strike in a Better Work factory. Mindful of our partnership and commitments to both factories and buyers (as well as other local stakeholders), it aims to help factories improve their ability to analyse the reasons for workplace conflict; to determine how best to resolve such conflicts at the lowest possible level; as well as to guide Better Work staff on how to report to buyers on different levels of strikes.

Press Release Icon Report-sharing Policy

Buyers and upstream supply-chain stakeholders may wish to share factory reports they have purchased with others in the supply chain. Please read the guidelines on conditions and process.

Press Release Icon   Buyer Guidance Sheets on Factory Services Model  

In April 2015, Better Work began introducing an adjusted model for the delivery of factory
services. The revised approach is based on ongoing consultations with actors from across the
supply chain and is designed to maximize impact, sustainability and scale. For each topic, we highlight how buyers can support their factories and the effective delivery
of Better Work factory services.

New or revised policies and protocols will be posted here as and when available.