Russel Lacroix, Human Resources Manager with workers at H and H Textiles in HaitiEnterprises are a key partner in our efforts to create better conditions for garment workers in a way that also boosts business. Cooperation and mutual trust is the starting point for engagement with employers that leads to better working conditions for workers and better results for business. More than 900 factories in eight countries are currently on or moving toward a path of sustainable improvement by engaging with our programme and identifying areas of challenge and how to overcome them.

nicaragua (5)Our work puts a strong emphasis on building good relations between management and their workers in order to facilitate good communication and mutual problem solving.

Our data indicates a clear correlation between improvements in factories and compliance with labour laws, and increased productivity, profitability and resilience for enterprises. Workers in factories who provide a clean, safe and equitable working environment are also more motivated, loyal and less likely to leave their jobs—all of which can improve business performance.

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