Our People

We have 180 highly trained and skilled staff in eight countries dedicated to improving factory conditions for workers and promoting competitiveness in the global supply chain. A team of 22 staff in Geneva and Bangkok provide further direct support to our teams in the field and promote and strengthen our findings on the global stage. Our people work in some of the toughest places, including countries that have been devastated by war and natural disasters, and emerging economies trying to escape the talons of poverty. So we understand the nuances of navigating politically, economically and we frame and adapt our approach accordingly. We are all driven by the same standards of excellence, guided by the same integrity, and motivated by the shared ambition to improve lives through better work.


Our Global Team

DAN REES Programme Director (Chief)
ALEXA HOUGH Finance Manager
DIANA ANNEN Funds Certifying Officer
MARIA SALDANHA Finance Assistant
ARIANNA ROSSI Research and Policy Officer
JEFF EISENBRAUN Technical Officer Research
WAMIQ UMAIRA Technical Officer – Monitoring & Evaluation
CONOR BOYLE Global Operations Manager
ANNE ZIEBARTH Legal Specialist
DANIEL CORK Technical Specialist Industrial Relations and Discrimination
RAIMONDA BINZAITE Administrative Assistant
RENATA DIAS Human Resources Assistant
ROOPA NAIR Head of Communications and Partnerships
CLAIRE ANHOLT Communications Officer
FERNANDA WINTER Communications Assistant
TARA RANGARAJAN Global Operations Manager
MINNA MAASKOLA Training Officer
IVO SPAUWEN Technical Officer Advisory Services
JONAS ASTRUP Technical Specialist Producity System
KANOKPORN KANKHAYAN (Hui) Administrative Assistant
MICHAEL LAPALME Technology and Innovations Officer
INTHIRA TIRANGKURA (Indie) Programme Officer
JULIET EDINGTON Buyers Relations/ Quality Assurance Specialist
ISSSIREE MUNAR (Ae) Buyer Relations Assistant
SUNAN SUTHIKORNCOMPEE Finance Admin. Assistant