Business Forum

Annual Forums for business (previously called Buyer Forums – now open for wider participation by upstream players) are organized at local, regional and global levels providing an opportunity for business players to support innovative solutions to labour standards challenges in their global supply chains and learn more about the Better Work programme.

Better Work Buyer Partners are also invited to attend “closed” sessions with Better Work global and country management to discuss programme strategy development and policy issues. Partners are also invited to national level stakeholder meetings that offer the chance to engage on national or industry issues with trade unions, manufacturers and their associations, as well as government representatives.


  • Bangladesh (Dhaka)                                          March,  6th-7th
  • Seoul                                                                   April,  6th-7th
  • Jordan (Amman)                                                April, 12th – 13th
  • European Forum                                               May, 12th
  • Asia Regional Forum (Hong Kong)                  June, 7th-8th 
  • Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)                             August, 11th
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)                                            September, 6th– 7th
  • Haiti (Port au Prince)                                        September, 20th– 21st
  • Turkey (Istanbul)*                                             September, 21st– 22nd 
  • Cambodia (Phnom Penh)                                October, 19th
  • Global Forum (New York City )                       October, 31st
  • Seoul                                                                   November, 17th-18th

*organized by Better Work Jordan