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Our work is funded through a combination of private sector fees for our services and grants from donors. Donors are actively engaged in our programme and act as partners as we form strategies to develop the garment sector and improve supply chains. In turn, we make every effort to deliver value and impact and transparency into where our funding goes.

We leverage donor funds to launch new country programmes, adapt tools and develop targeted training services to advance our mission.

We engage with government donors on a variety of levels. Specifically, our biannual donor coordination meetings give us the chance to account for the use of public funds and discuss future direction as well as our current progress against international development indicators, such as the Millennium Development Goals.
Donors also play an active role in defining our direction. Four donor representatives (Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States) sit on the Advisory Committee and provide our Management Group with guidance on various issues, including public policy related to labour.

What is very interesting in the Better Work approach is that there is clear collaboration from the beginning with the big companies. We believe without working with private sector and big companies, it’s difficult to have an impact,

says Valerie Berset Bircher, Deputy Head International Labour Affairs, the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO), Switzerland She said Better Work is able to to be effective because it has worked hard to gain credibility.

(Better Work) has reached credibility because BW has showcased that improvement of labour conditions at the enterprise level is very much linked to improvement of productivity and access to markets and competitiveness,

Berset Bircher said.

We have seen clear improvements in labour conditions. What we have also seen is the impact on policies and on laws in different countries.

Better Work programmes are presently funded by the following donors, listed alphabetically (as of 31/03/13).

Better Work Global Donors

Additional funds come from private entreprise.

Funders of Individual Country Programmes









* Better Work has received contributions from companies, beyond fees collected for programme services. These donations account for approximately 2% of the global budget.