Better Factories Cambodia

Launched: 2001

About the programme: Better Factories Cambodia grew out of a trade agreement between the United States and Cambodia, under which the US promised Cambodia better access to US markets in exchange for improved working conditions in the garment sector. The ILO was requested to establish a project to help the sector make and maintain these improvements.

Better Factories Cambodia has focused strongly on monitoring. The programme was also responsible for piloting and scaling many of the training services now available throughout Better Work countries, including Supervisory Skill Training and Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities.

Better Factories Cambodia covers all exporting garment factories in the country, and has recently expanded services to pilot a project in the footwear industry.

About the industry: The garment industry continues to be a large contributor of exports and employment for Cambodia’s economy, representing approximately 84% of total export value, and employs over 350,000 workers. The industry suffered through the financial crisis, but has recovered significantly; by 2010, the sector had grown 26% and production reached pre-crisis levels. Correspondingly, the number of operating factories has increased: In late 2011, there were 319 factories active compared with 243 in December 2009.

Funding: See a current list of all programme donors here >>

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