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  • Towards 2017: Better Work Phase III Strategy

    Promoting Good Working Conditions Across the International Garment Industry Sixty million workers across the developing world rely on the garment industry for their livelihoods. Of these, eighty percent are female, many of whom have migrated from rural areas and are entering the formal workforce for the first time. While factories are a valuable source of […]

  • Improving Working Conditions & Competitiveness in Global Supply Chains

    Better Work is a unique partnership programme between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) that aims to improve both compliance with labour standards and competitiveness in global supply chains.

  • Better Work External Training Course Description Package for 2013

    Better Work offers training for all levels in the factory: Management Supervisors Workers This course description package provides detailed information about Better Work’s specialized training courses created specifically for managers, supervisors and workers in the garment industry. For information on upcoming course offerings in Better Work countries, please visit our country programme websites.

  • Better Work and International Buyers

    Multinational corporations are increasingly concerned about labour standards in their supply chains. Poor labour law enforcement capacity in countries where suppliers are located has resulted in multinational buyers themselves auditing working conditions in factories, often duplicating the same auditing efforts against different codes of conduct. This is expensive, inefficient and frustrating for everyone involved.

  • Better Work and Government

    Better Work supports enterprises in improving their labour practices based on core ILO labour standards and national labour law. In addition to helping enterprises compete in global markets where many buyers demand that suppliers comply with labour standards, Better Work also contributes to social dialogue and strengthening labour administration in its country programmes.