Rezka Hanindito

Rezka Hanindito

Enterprise Advisor


Ditto has more than 10 years’ experience in compliance world. He started his professional life by joining one of the National textile industries in Central Java as Head of HR, GA and Compliance. It was in 2016 when he decided to join an educational foundation, a division under one of multinational textile holding company. He took the position in this foundation as deputy chairman whose job was to deal with the local education office and the ministry of education. A year later, he received additional assignment from the same holding to become HR, GA and Compliance manager in their Central Java facility then promoted to Corporate Compliance manager where Central Java and Tasikmalaya were among the areas under his supervision.

Ditto holds Bachelor of Law degree from University of Brawijaya. His goal is to provide assistance in improving workers working condition to achieve decent quality of life. Ditto is a coffee enthusiast and likes motorbike touring in his leisure time.

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