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About the programme

  • Better Work Jordan was one of the first of our programmes, set up in 2008. Following the financial crisis, in 2011 the government decided to mandate participation in Better Work Jordan for all garment-sector factories, to demonstrate commitment to compliance and attract investment.
  • Today it covers 60 factories (out of 80 in the industry), employing well over 90% of the labour force and accounting for over 90% of all apparel exports.
  • The sector now accounts for nearly 17% of Jordan’s total exports.
  • Three quarters of the industry’s more than 45,000 workers are migrant workers from South and South-East Asia – the majority are from India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.
  • Women represent 63% of the total labour force.
  • Better Work has contributed to workplace improvements. For example, the use of yelling as a punishment is down 77% since the start of the programme, there is 100% compliance in paying correct minimum wages, paid leave, and social security among factories participating for more than 2 years Jordan concerns about
  • Migrant workers rights have also improved, particularly the freedom to join trade unions. Additionally, the vast majority of workers (94% ) now retain their own travel documents
  • Following training by Better Work and the ILO, employers’ associations and the trade union signed a groundbreaking Collective Bargaining Agreement covering the full garment sector. It includes provisions on regulating working hours, wages and bonuses; improving health,a commitment to treat all workers equally and more


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